When Will Princess Cruise Again?

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When Will Princess Resume Cruising?

Current Date: September 19th, 2020

All Princess Cruises have been suspended for Summer 2020, and all Princess sailings in Alaska through October 31 have been cancelled for 2020. Princess has not announced a potential resume to sail date.

We have searched their website and see that they are offering sailing as early as September 19th 2020 in Australia and New Zealand, as well as, September 27th round trip from LA to the Panama Canal.

For updates on other cruise lines click HERE.

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What is Princess doing to keep you safe?

Here is what Princess Cruise Lines says they are doing to keep guests and crew safe during the entire cruise experience.


Changing Itineraries

They will constantly monitor the global health map and cancel or modify itineraries to impacted areas. They will also prevent guests and crew who have recently traveled through these high-risk locations from boarding. For a current list, see their full Health Advisory (PDF).

Enhancing Health Requirements

Princess will deny boarding to guests and crew if they:

  • Have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or a person being monitored for COVID-19.
  • Are suffering from a fever or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation.


Stepping Up Screenings

At embarkation, Princess will require all guests and crew to participate in mandatory health screenings, which may include a thermal scan to check temperatures, and in some cases secondary screenings. Depending on the results, Princess will deny certain individuals boarding if they feel they could pose a risk to others.

Enhancing Sanitation Procedures in Embarkation Terminals

Enhancing Sanitation Procedures in Embarkation Terminals Beginning in select terminals on March 7, 2020, highly touched surfaces throughout each embarkation terminal will be sanitized continuously, and terminals will be thoroughly sanitized and, where possible, fogged before and after each embarkation and debarkation.

On Board:

Cleaning Everywhere

In addition to the rigorous daily cleaning regimen they already have, they are establishing additional sanitation measures on all their ships, which include sanitizing frequently touched surfaces in all public areas – from tables and chairs to casino chips and fitness machines – even more often than they did before.

Free-flowing Hand Sanitizer

Princess already has hand-washing sinks or hand sanitizer dispensers in front of entrances to all dining venues and the buffet. Crew will monitor entrances to all venues to encourage all guests to wash their hands before entering. They are also adding additional hand sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas around the ship.

Keeping Their Crew Healthy

Each day, they will be raising awareness of how to maintain a healthy environment on board by reinforcing frequent hand-washing, avoiding hand contact, reporting guests who present signs of illness and more. Princess will also more actively enforce crew hand-washing and provide more hand sanitizers in crew areas.

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Revising Medical Protocols & Staying Prepared

Every Princess ship sails with a highly capable medical team that will receive special training for COVID-19. Any guest or crew member who exhibits symptoms of respiratory illness will strongly be encouraged to visit the Medical Center for a complimentary consultation and, if appropriate, screening for COVID-19.

New Onboard Health Protocols

Here are some new health protocols that you can expect to see on board your next cruise with Princess!

Onboard Preventative Measures Infographic (PDF)

Princess’ cancellation policy

As of 06/17/2020

Making It Easier to Change Plans — Cruise with Confidence

Temporary cancellation & final payment policies extended for cruises and cruisetours departing through April 30, 2021

We have temporarily revised our final payment dates and cancellation policies for voyages through April 30, 2021. As always, any payments made prior to the final payment date are refundable to you in the original method of payment*. We have new policies handling cancellations and refunds after the final payment date:

  • Cancel up to 30 days before you sail and receive a Future Cruise Credit** for any cancellation fees^ and a refund of additional funds received to the original payment method.

  • Final payment is due 60 days before departure, not our usual 90 days^.

If you have purchased Princess Vacation Protection, your refunds for covered cancellation reasons will continue to be governed by Princess Vacation Protection. Please review the plan coverage, conditions and exclusions for full details. Princess Vacation Protection is available to residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec and Puerto Rico).

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