What people take from hotel rooms

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Hotel bathroom with amenities

Most hotels and cruise cabins expect you to take things, for example, single use toiletries like soap, shampoo or lotion. Some hotels try to thwart that by using bulk soap/conditioner/body wash dispensers in the showers. You might have even seen price notices on more valuable items like bathrobes and towels.

Some people take free to the next level where it turns into thievery. The luxury hotel and spa guide, Wellness Heaven, surveyed 1,157 hotels to determine what the most commonly stolen items are. In general towels, bathrobes, hangers and pens were the top 4 things stolen. Some of the most bizarre items were sauna benches, artwork, and bathroom fixtures; people even stole and a grand piano and mattresses! Could you imagine the room steward coming in to clean and noticing no bed?

Most commonly missing items from wellness-heaven survey

The report also concluded that the taste level of 5-star and 4-star hotel thieves differ.

In 5-star hotels, looters prefer more expensive items. Luxury mattresses are 8 times more likely, high end TV’s are 9 times more likely, and artwork is 5.5 times more likely to be stolen comparing to their 4-star counterparts.

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In 4-star hotels, the customers are more content with taking the common goods like towels, bathrobes and hangers. The biggest differences are batteries (3 times more likely) and remotes (7 times more likely).

4 vs 5 stars in items being taken

Check out the full article from Wellness Heaven and see the full story where they also compare theft by nationality.

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