Tips to Sanitizing Your Cruise Cabin

Lyle Chevrette

· 4 mins
Balcony room on cruise ship

The staff on most cruise lines do an amazing job keeping the ships clean, especially your room steward. Even with all of their hard work, it is nearly impossible to truly disinfect the group of rooms they are in charge of between each sailing. Not all stewards have the same eye for detail nor does each cruise line have the same standards

With the flu season as well as the new corona virus hitting ships hard, it is better to be safe than sorry. Use these tips to keep yourself and your family safe.

It only takes a few minutes at the beginning of your cruise to make your cabin germ free.

1. Make sure you are prepared

If you really want to have a clean cabin you will need the right kind of supplies. The most important and simplest thing to bring are disinfecting wipes. Not all wipes kill norovirus so make sure to read the label of your wipes to make sure it does the job. Brands we trust are Clorox and Lysol wipes. They both come in travel packs but if you are not able to find them you can always get the big economical family container and put some in a strong zip top bag.

If using the wipes too much dries out your hands, consider bringing along some disposable gloves.

2. Wash your hands

During embarkation you have been in contact with many things that can spread germs from elevator buttons and railings to the serving utensils in the buffet. Washing your hands is one of the most important ways of keeping yourself safe from germs. wash hand

3. Sanitize the door handles

Handles are used by everyone in your cabin and are one of the easiest ways to spread germs. This includes the main cabin door ( inside and outside) as well as the bathroom, mini-fridge and balcony doors as well.

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4. Don’t forget the light switches

Light switches are often forgotten about. This includes the main light switches as well as the bathroom light and even the convenient switches near your bed.

5. Quarantine the remote

The dirtiest and hardest to clean item is the remote control. There are so many nooks and crevices for germs to hide in and grow. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself and still be able to use the remote is to put it in a zip top bag. This way you can be sure not to get any germs but also still be able to use it.

hand holding remote

6. Wipe down the phone

You may not use it very often but another thing people forget is the phone. This not only comes into contact with your hands but also your face. Make sure to wipe down the mouthpiece.

7. Bathroom surfaces

Most room stewards do a great job. Though in the rush to get rooms ready for the next sailing they might forget something. Take a few moments and wipe down the surfaces in the bathroom. Faucet (sink and shower), toilet and shower door handles are a must.

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8. Don’t forget the balcony

Don’t forget to clean the balcony and balcony furniture. You don’t need to clean the whole balcony, just the places you tend to touch. The railing, tables tops and arm/head rests are a good start.

cruise cabin balcony

9. Keep the safe safe

One place you will use often is the safe. Everytime you go to port you will need to bring your ID or passport and cash or credit cards. A quick wipe of the safe and it’s controls will help to keep you, well, safe :)

10. Don’t forget about your luggage

Most luggage has rollers nowadays and if you look can end up pretty grimy. They also come into contact with many people you don’t know (airport valets, baggage handlers, ship valets and staff), any one of them may have a cold or flu. If your luggage is hard sided, take a moment to wipe it down.

Also do not put it directly onto your bed. This is an easy way to spread bed bugs. You may not have them but your luggage does get piled up on a plane or ship storage with a slew of other people you do not know. Putting your luggage directly on your bed can make an easy transfer for any little critters that might have tagged along for the ride.


Now that you have decontaminated your room, go have some fun and enjoy the ship worry free.

ship view at night

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