Why you need a travel agent

An Nguyen

· 3 mins
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I still have a vivid memory of our first cruise from years back. Being the planner of the family, I sat down and told myself it would take at most a few hours to plan and book our vacation. A few hours turned into a few days. The planning did not stop even after we were onboard and got off the ship. I was doing my best to make perfect moments out of the precious times we had together off-work. Instead, I worried constantly about fixing plane delays, paperwork and making sure we showed up to the best events on the ship. To make it worse, I saw all these happy people on the cruise without a care in the world; they always seemed to be relaxed and in the know about where to go and things to do on the ships. One night, while catching my breath at a bar, I started a conversation with a friendly lady and mentioned how exhausting the trip had been for us. She told me about how her travel agent helped her plan the whole trip and gave her tips on what to do onboard and at the ports. When asking about cost, she mentioned that her travel agent fee was next to nothing comparing to the saving, deals, and the stress-free travel experience she got.

We got home and did our research to find ourselves a travel agent for our next trip. Inspired by the travel agent’s work and our love for travel, we ended up becoming travel agents ourselves. Below is a quick summary of why you need a travel agent:

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  • We take the pressure off planning: we listen and use our experiences to help you build the trip of your dream. Working in IT for most of our careers, we understand how technology allows anyone to book a flight online within minutes; but travel planning is more complicated than clicking a few buttons. It often involves careful coordination, long phone calls with customer service, and intensive research about the destinations(what to do, trends, laws…). Let us do the hard work so you can just pack and go!
  • We charge little to no fee for booking: it is a myth that only well-off people can afford a travel agent similar to being able to afford a butler; and in most cases, the value that we provide would more than offset the service fee. Please talk to us for more information.
  • We help you get the best value: We rely on our connections and the clout of our host agency to get you the best deals available. We focus on offers that can make your vacation truly unique and special. We also help you eliminate the unpleasant surprises of hidden fees and charges which tend to show up at the end of your trip.
  • The human factor: as the world moves more toward anonymous interactions behind screens, we believe there are still value in human one on one interactions. Just like a good waiter in your favorite restaurants, we aim to be your guide through the travel experience.
  • We are here for you when things go South: however much time you spend planning, you cannot predict unexpected delays and weather. We provide helpful advices to plan for the unexpected. We will be there for you to help you through stressful travel crises. Check out one of my favorite post about the value of travel agent during times of crises.

If you need even more convincing, Larry Olmsted wrote an awesome article about the value of using a travel agent for your travel.

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